Finnish sauna is a special place for rest, that has its own traditions and history. Invitation to the Finnish sauna – is demonstration of respect. The health effect is achieved due to the optimal ratio of moisture and temperature. The Finnish sauna is classified as dry, humidity is 15-20%, and the temperature is quite high – up to 100 °C. Thanks to the high temperature, you will immediately feel the health effect of sauna, namely the removal of slags that accumulate in skin pores by sweating. Application of aroma oils helps to relax completely and stimulate relaxation of the body.

The health effect of the Finnish sauna to the body

There is an intense sweating and the following evaporation of sweat from the skin thanks to the high temperatures. Such mechanism provides the maximum therapeutic effect. The Finnish sauna has a complex effect to the human body, namely:

  • Improves the cardiovascular system and the overall body blood circulation;
  • Positively affects skin condition – it is renewed and cleared of dead cells;
  • Stimulates metabolic processes in the body that leads to weight loss;
  • Recover muscle condition after intensive training;
  • Relieves fatigue and stress;

It is recommended if you have frequent colds, because hot dry air has a positive effect on the respiratory system.

Visiting the sauna is the best way to relax

Atmosphere is an integral part of the Finnish sauna. For men – it is a rest in the company of friends, that helps to keep friendly relations and renew vital strength. For women – visiting the Finnish sauna is one of the ways to take care about your body. The result is removal of slags and toxins, improves blood supply to the skin, making it more elastic and gives tone, rejuvenates the body and raises emotional state. The Finnish sauna is part of the SPA complex of WISH Family Space Club, located on the left bank of the Dnipro, in Vyshenky village, nearby Kyiv. Wonderful vacation is waiting for you.

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