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Relax with a pool in our club

if you are tired of the heat and need to rest, the best option is to visit the pool. In the pools of our club you can both swim and relax with your family.

the AQUA complex of the club WISH Family Space includes 4 swimming pools, namely:

  • Two-Zone outdoor summer pool;
  • Swimming pool-Jacuzzi with sea water;
  • 25 meters long Sports pool;
  • Children’s swimming pool for learning swimming.

The high quality of water in our pools is due to the fact that water is supplied from an artesian well, from a depth of more than 240 meters. The quality of this water meets the requirements of Dsanpin 2.2.4 – 171 – 10 “Hygienic standards for drinking water intended for human consumption”. An additional factor of water purity in the pools is the use of the best purification systems

  • of UV disinfection
  • Ozonation
  • Iron removal

Every 10 days water analysis in SES is carried out. The results of the analysis of water and its parameters you will always find at the reception of the pool.

Water quality in our pools is the highest in Kiev

Thanks to modern technology, the water in the pool is constantly filtered and has a temperature of 27-28 ° C, and in the children’s 32° C. Constantly monitored water hardness and acidity. All parameters correspond to sanitary norms of drinking water.


Unforgettable vacation with your family in the village of Cherries

We care about the clients of our club, so the staff will always advise you and give advice. If you decide to have fun with friends in the pool, the best option is a summer pool, or sports, if you decide to compete. Are you tired and need a rest? Swimming pool-Jacuzzi with sea water is exactly what you need. Hydro massage, which is equipped with a Jacuzzi pool, relieve fatigue and give you vigor. Instructors who work on the territory of the pool are specialists in swimming and water sports. And for children we have a children’s pool with instructors who have experience in sports schools and teach your child swimming. Come, even if you do not know how to swim, we will gladly teach you. We are located in the” Cherry town”, near the lake Zoloche, in the village of Vishenki, which is on the left Bank of the Dnieper, near Kiev.

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