Swimming for children

Swimming for children

It is impossible to reassess the positive effect on health, well-being and development that children get from swimming.

In our club there is a children’s pool, which is located in a separate building, due to which it creates a special microclimate. The pool filled with water comes from an artesian well located at a depth of 240 meters. This water, according to the latest research and analysis, is mineralized, and is classified as PITNA. We use the most organic and safe systems for regular cleaning and disinfection of water.

The temperature in the children’s pool is maintained at 32-33 ° С.

That is why our children’s pool is comfortable and safe for children of all ages.

For the next three years, the following group activities take place at the club:

  • “Swimming children” 4-6 years old

The lesson is aimed at making children 4-6 years playing, feeling comfortable in the water. The lesson takes place in the children’s pool.

  • Swimming junior’s 7-9 years

Funny games for children from 7 to 9 years old. Training the basic elements of swimming technique. Relay, jumps in water – this lesson does not get bored! Conducted in a large pool. For children who own one of the swimming styles or confidently keep on the water.

  • “Swimming teen’s” 10-12 years old

Cardio swimming for teens is aimed at combating hypodynamia, improving posture and endurance.

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