Group traning

Aerobics – exercises that will not let you to be unhappy!

From yoga to power training: these trainings take place in a more active and dynamic mode, unlike personal training.

You will gain positive emotions and a good mood for the whole day.

Functional training – this kind of training is good for those people who aspire to harmonious development of their body. The exercises combine balance, strength, flexibility, coordination and agility. The result of these exercises will be nice and cheerful well-being.

  • TRX is training with application of special suspension straps. The exercises is aimed for training of all major groups of muscles. Advantages – an easy use and achieving of sports body shape for a short period.
  • OMNIA. The place for this type of training is the multistation OMNIA. You can do more than 50 exercises for development of balance, strength, flexibility, coordination, agility with the help of the station.
  • PROCEDOS – the basis of this exercises system is a simple logic and the principle of “TASK – ACTION”. It’s simple to remember and even easier to perform.

Power training is appropriate for those clients who want to make the most of their training efforts. The purpose of these exercises’ is the formation of a sports constitution of your body.

  • Taut buttocks” is a power training with maximum impact on the buttocks, legs and hips, as well as abdominal muscle.


Mind Body means – “intelligent body”. A distinctive feature of this kind of training is the conscious work with the body and more moderate tempo of the course itself.

You will receive a grateful feedback from your body, and learn how to feel and control it by attending this type of training.

  • Yoga – Yoga classes will give you peace of mind, balance, flexibility, balance and strength. You will eliminate anxiety, pain in the back and gain relax.
  • Pilates is a special training aimed at activation and work out of deep muscle layers (muscle center). The training gives rehabilitate and prophylactic orientation, improves your well-being and quality of life.
  • Stretching is a special exercise designed to develop the body’s flexibility.

Dance classes are training with aerobic orientation, with an emphasis on dance styles.  You will learn to move charming and confidently in the rhythm of music at these classes. You will be able to learn modern dance styles, that will make you feel relaxed and confident at any dance floor.

  • MTV Dance – modern rhythmic dance for energetic music. During this training, you will learn the latest dance moves and have a great time.


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