Outdoor programs in WISH Family Space

Outdoor Training is perfect for clients who want to train but do not like gyms and prefer outdoor activities. This is the latest practice in fitness training, which involves open-air group training with a coach at WISH Family Space. During the training you will be surrounded by nature, fresh air and like-minded people. Outdoor Training is suitable both for beginners and experienced athletes. Evaluating the level of your physical training club coach individually determines the norm of your loading. Join our group and keep your body in a tone, by spending time with having fun.

Outdoors training on yoga, TRX, cycling, and other fitness courses can be held.


Outdoor training is a new fitness trend

Thanks to its versatility, such training has gained popularity, both among women and men. You can easily get rid of extra weight without exercise in the gym. Coach is alternating exercises during the training, namely:

  • Warm up;
  • Stretching;
  • Aerobic exercise;
  • Power exercise.

If you are a beginner and wish to join, our instructor will help you. During warm-ups, he will determine load level for your body. The main thing you must have for the Outdoor Training – a sports uniform, a wish to train and a good mood.

Join the Outdoor Training team on the left bank of the Dnipro, nearby Kyiv

Your associates are waiting for you, so it’s time to wear a sports uniform and join. You will perform various aerobic exercises: yoga, TRX, cycling, jogging, jumping, dynamic walking and other exercises during the training.

Outdoor Training Exercise includes training on the sports ground, which include power exercises. Support and motivation from like-minded people will help you to overcome the difficulties and reach the desired result. And clean and fresh air will keep you in a tone. Beauty of the surrounding nature in Vyshenky village and the fabulous lake Zoloche, near which our complex is located, will be an inspiration source for you.

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