AGE 3-9

WISH family space is a fitness for the whole family, so we pay great attention to baby fitness.
All classes are designed for different age groups so children are studying with pleasure and interest. We have taken care that children of all ages are able to develop different fitness directions. Creative and educational activities are also foreseen.
Sports activities:
• Swimming with a professional instructor in kid’s and adult swimming pools
• Aerobic fitness training
• Sports training adapted for children of all ages
• Dance classes
• Functional fitness training (general physical training, TRX, F-training);
• Correction of posture and flat feet.

Developing and creative classes:
• Preparing for school (fast reading, eidetics, mathematics, logic, preparing of hand to write)
• Logical thinking development
• English
• Speech therapist
• Creative classes of various complexity, depending on the child age
And lots of others.

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