Hammam in our club

Hamam is traditional part of southern culture. It is a Turkish sauna where floor and sunbeds are made of marble. Hammam special feature– mild temperature 35-50°С and high humidity – 100%. Hammam is the best option for people who cannot stand high temperatures in sauna or Russian sauna “banya”.  Since marble is heated  only up to 40-60 ° C, this allows you to spend more time inside. Visits to hammam are improving your health and stimulates metabolic processes in the body. Hamam is not just a sauna – it is an important part of the southern culture.

Benefits of hammam

Air parameters of the Turkish sauna have a complex impact to the human body, in particular:

  • Improves blood circulation and expand blood vessels, that prevents blood clots appearance;
  • Positively affect the skin state, helps its cleansing, moisturizing and renew its elasticity;
  • Rejuvenate the body by removing slags and stimulating metabolic processes;
  • Improves state of the joints and the whole musculoskeletal system;
  • Stabilizes the nervous system, relieves stress, insomnia and improves overall emotional state;
  • Hamam is also used to prevent respiratory diseases. Continued body warming up increasing the immunity.

Hammam is the best relaxation for both men and women

If you are tired and you need a rest – visit WISH Family Space club where you will have a real Turkish hammam. Its visiting will allow your body to recover as quickly as possible, gain strength and energy. SPA Procedures complex allows you truly enjoy the stay in our club and satisfies the wishes of both men and women. WISH Family Space Club is located on the left bank of the Dnipro, not far from Kyiv, in Vyshenky village, near the lake Zoloche. We provide only the best services.

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