Roman’s sauna is a great way to relax, both with the company of friends and with the family. Due to the low temperature of 45-60 °C, the Roman’s sauna has no contraindications. The main features are the high air humidity, almost 100%, marble sunbeds and floor that do not heat up above 60 °C. Thanks to the gradual warming of the body there is a significant sweating. Before and after visiting the Roman’s sauna you need to drink enough water to restore the body’s water balance. Rest in the Roman’s sauna is a great way to restore strength, to remove fatigue and to have a great time.

Benefits of the Roman’s sauna

One of the features is the time of visit Roman’s sauna. It should not exceed 20-30 minutes, after which it is necessary to have a rest for 30 minutes. It is recommended to visit sauna no more than 3-4 times per session. Roman’s sauna lets you:

  • To balance metabolic processes;
  • Clear the skin;
  • Receive an extraordinary anti-cellulite effect;
  • Relieve stress and improve working capacity.

Roman’s sauna helps to renew the skin and gives it elasticity.

Visit the Romans sauna on the left bank of the Dnipro river

Together with a variety of SPA procedures – peeling, massages and baths, wrapping, masks for face and body – visiting the Roman’s sauna provides an outstanding result for both men and women. The warmth of Roman’s sauna has positive effect on the cardiovascular, respiratory, thermoregulating and endocrine systems. Roman’s sauna is part of WISH Family Space SPA complex. Club is located nearby Kyiv, on the left bank of the Dnipro, in Vyshenky village. We invite you to visit our complex.

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