Visiting the salt grotto in SPA complex is modern alternative to salt caves. Salt Grotto is a special room, that is built mostly of salt blocks. Specialized equipment provides a constant temperature, humidity in the room, that provides health effect of the salt to the human body. Salt grotto saturates your body with necessary minerals, such as: calcium, iron, sodium, magnesium, copper, iodine, lithium, selenium, manganese. The mineralization of the body gives strength, improves metabolism and is prophylactic of many diseases. Salt Grotto is a wonderful place to relax regardless of age, for both men and women.

Influence of the salt grotto to the human body

The room constructed from salt blocks is forming its own internal micro climate. Such micro climate releases elements of ions, due to the high intensity the atmosphere acquiring the healing properties. Renewal of person mineral balance has a complex impact on health:

  • Ionized air affects the treatment of the respiratory system, therefore salt grotto is recommended as an alternative to pharmaceuticals;
  • Treats respiratory diseases;
  • It is recommended to visit the salt grotto in case of skin lesions, it stimulates skin disinfection, regeneration and healing;
  • Relieves stress, nervousness, improves sleep and improves nervous system;
  • Strengthens the immune system.

Visiting the salt grotto as an alternative to the sea

Every person comes to a moment when job along with other troubles makes him exhausted. You need to relax, but vacation is far away? The best solution is to visit SPA complex, including a salt grotto. The course of visits to the salt grotto is equivalent to a weekly rest at the seacoast. Your body will be filled up with energy, the nervous system will have a rest and concentration will return to you. Therefore, we recommend you to visit the SPA complex at WISH Family Space, located on the left bank of the Dnipro. Wonderful atmosphere and nature of Vyshenky village near Kyiv will give you new strength.

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